Objective: To compare a novel two-thumb chest compression technique with standard  techniques during newborn resuscitation performed by novice physicians in terms of median depth of chest compressions, degree of full chest recoil, and effective compression efficacy.

Patients and Methods: The total of 74 novice physicians with less than 1-year  work experience participated in the study. They performed chest compressions using three techniques: (A) The new two-thumb technique (nTTT). The novel method of chest compressions in an infant consists in using two thumbs directed at the angle of 90◦ to the chest while closing the fingers of both hands in a fist. (B) TFT. With this method, the rescuer compresses the sternum with the tips of two fingers. (C) TTHT. Two thumbs are placed over the lower third of the sternum, with the fingers encircling the torso and supporting the back.


Novel method Newborn CC Frontiers Ped 2018